Beat the airlines with this one click trick.

So you need to travel somewhere but you are trying to get out of debt. You do the smart thing and shop around for airline flights on the internet. But it seems like every time you visit the airlines website the prices go up just a little bit. You are getting hit with the thinking about flying fee. I’m not joking this really does exist.

airliner landing
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When you access an airlines website the site deposits a cookie in your browser. This little file gives a coded command to raise the prices every time you return to the site. Its a “legal” dirty little trick and here is how you defeat it!

Trick to beat the airline’s “Thinking about flying Fee”

Most web browsers have a privacy or incognito mode. In Google Chrome you go to File then New Incognito Window. In Firefox you go to File then New Private Window. This mode on either browser prevents websites from loading tracking cookies to your browser. Simply turn on this mode and you will get the best deal on airfare every time.

I find the whole idea of airlines using cookies to jack up the price of a ticket distasteful. I understand airlines are businesses and that they need to generate a profit, but this is ridiculous. It feels more like the school yard bully shaking you down for lunch money than a company who cares about the people who use their product. Until consumers demand to be treated with respect this kind of abuse will continue to happen.

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