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My name is Chris. I am a 28 year old Entry Level Architectect living in Los Angeles, California. Glamorous? Not really, but I love what I do. I moved to LA to attend grad school at the Southern California Institute of Architecture, also known as SCI-arc. While I was there I took out $110,000.00 in student loans.

I didn’t have time to think about the impact of signing all those promissory notes. After all I was in Graduate school doing “Important Things”. Shortly after I graduated the full the impact of my thoughtless borrowing set in. “How the hell am I supposed to pay all this back?” There came a day in February of 2014 when I set my foot down and made a promise: I will not borrow money again. A home mortgage is my only exception. What unfolds in front of you on is my story of how I am beating back my debt. It’s not always easy, but I will reach my goal of a debt free life.

About the same time I started my debt free journey I started another journey. I met the woman that I will one day marry. Melissa has also been struggling with her own debts. Car loans, student loans, medical bills, and consumer debt all add up in her life to make an impossible situation. The icing on her financial cake is the fact that she is a mother to a wonderful boy that we will call “K”. Her “How the hell..” moment came when she found her self washing laundry in the sink because she didn’t have $3.00 for the laundromat.

Melissa and I have joined together to insure our success. We want to bring you along as we beat back debt and lead a debt free life. Along the way we plan to show you how to live on less than you make, change the habits that affect your finances, and even show you how to have life’s big events, like a wedding, the debt free way. If you have had a “How the hell…” moment and are starting your debt free journey you are not alone. E-mail us, comment on an article, post your debts, but most of all post your success because we are a community of people fighting to live a debt free life.



Thanks for your support,

Chris, Melissa, and K


This week we did something amazing. We paid off $20,000.00 of debt. Now this represents a small portion of our actual debt, but it is a big milestone for us. This $20,000.00 represents one major step closer to freedom from debt. We are now free of our IRS obligations, Melissa now has her diploma that was being held hostage by her undergrad, and we have paid off the Honda CRV that Melissa no longer owns.

Recently, our family visited the USS Midway for an overnight camping experience. While we were there the crew had us repeat a chant that said “Freedom Is Not Free!” They were referring to the men and women that have served and died to allow us to live our lives free of tyranny here in these United States.

As I pondered this chant I had to shake my head. Yes, these men and women served to protect our freedom. The same freedom I used when I voluntarily enslaved myself to the Federal Government via student loans. Never again will I enslave myself to a company or a government for any purchase other than a house. This $20,000.00 is a start towards buying back my freedom.

If you are starting down the path towards buying your freedom I wish you the best of luck but don’t forget to celebrate your milestones along the way. This is especially important if your journey to financial freedom will take you more than one or two years. Celebrate those wins along the way so that you don’t lose sight of what you are achieving.

Melissa, K, and I have to determine now how we are going to celebrate this milestone. Will we go on a small weekend camping trip? Dinner out as a family? Go to a theme park? I don’t know yet what we will do but whatever we decide, I know that we will save for it, budget it and enjoy it because whatever we do represents our fight over the last year.

Are You Fighting Debt?

If you have made the decision to fight debt then you are in the right place. We strive to give you the Tools and information you need to make your debt fight successful. We can help you but the key to your success is your willingness to make the changes and the decision not to add to your debt. If you have questions, feel free to ask them in our Debt Talk Forum or drop us a line on our Contact Page. Please let us know how we can help you eliminate your debt. Sign up for our Debt Talk Newsletter today and get our free budget tool. At “We Journey Together.”

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