Sex and Death When Your Age Ends in 9

In a recent study done by Adam Alter a Professor at NYU and fellow professors at UCLA people should be more aware when they turn an age ending in 9.

What was found about having an age ending in 9

I turn 29 in April and what I found was shocking. Alter and his associates spent months studying the psychological impact of age and entering a new decade of life. What they found was interesting and disturbing. Did you know that 9ers run marathons 2% faster than at ages ending in 7,8,0, or 1. Maybe I should run a marathon… Maybe not. Unfortunately, the news is not all roses. 9ers are 2.4% more likely to commit suicide than any other age. Men with of the age 59, 49, 39, and 29 are 18% more likely to register on Ashley Madison, a website geared towards extra marital affairs.

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What does age mean for your financial fight? 9ers are more likely to spend destructively as a way of dealing with the aging process. Ever hear of a mid-life crisis? 9ers are more susceptible to anti-aging campaigns and advertisements centered around reclaiming youthfulness. We do know there is a correlation between depression and spending. If depression is increased during 9er years it stand to reason that spending would increase as well.

On the upside all this awareness around aging can serve to spark your need to get out of debt. You are getting older and your life is progressing so now is the time to make changes. You can run a race a little faster so why not run a financial race.

Being aware of how we perceive the world around us gives us great leverage in the fight against debt. I love problems that we cause ourselves rather than problems that others cause for us. Why? Problems we cause ourselves are the easiest to fix because we know who caused them.

Use the positives of your age to your advantage. Reach out to friends and family if you are having problems or if depression sets in. Talk to someone before you make any life altering decisions. Sometimes all we need to prevent ourselves from being financially stupid, or just generally stupid, is the feedback of a friend or partner. Be aware of the negatives but don’t let them paralyze you.

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